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Voraussichtliche CD-Release im November 2018

„Sher on a Shier – der nicht endende Tanz“ (2014)
Gesamtlänge: 53:06 Min.
Erschienen bei Raumer Records, Berlin

1. Die Groyse Hora
2. Tatar
3. Yevreiskaya
4. Dobriden
5. Hora Midor
6. Freeds Sher
7. Yaser Bulgar
8. Rumänische Fantasie Nr. 1
9. Sirba / Der Terkisher-Bulgar / Sirba
10. Flatbush Waltz

Kurt Bjorling, Chicago (Brave old world,  u.a.) schreibt über die CD von Sher on a Shier:

„Sher on a Shier surprised me with the music in this program – several times!…

I am impressed by the freedom and flexibility of Sher on a Shier, especially in their treatment of formal structure. They do not routinely play all the sections of each piece in the “normal” order, or for the “normal” number of repetitions.
They use the available source material the way a good cook uses ingredients, adding more where it is needed, leaving out what is not needed, and always testing the flavor, ready to make changes to achieve the desired result.

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I do!“

Kurt Bjorling, 9. September 2014, Chicago

(Die vollständige Rezension finden Sie im Booklet der CD!)